When Should You Review Life Insurance?

InMore Group Inc., serving Miami, FL, is here for you when you are ready to renew your life insurance. However, like other investment portfolios, you don’t take a “set and forget” mindset after purchasing a life insurance policy. As a rule of thumb, you should review your life insurance plan at least once every year. This frequency ensures that you are carrying the right amount of life insurance coverage to protect your loved ones. 

The other reasons you need to review your life insurance before a year lapses include:

You got a new job

You have worked hard to earn a promotion — congratulations! Amid the new jobs frenzy, you need to check with your agent to ensure that your life insurance plan meets your financial goals. You might want to put part of the extra income earned on your life insurance policy.

You got married or divorced

Changes in your marital status have a say in your life insurance plan. If you are married, you would want to ensure that your spouse is included in your life insurance policy. Likewise, if you are divorced, you might want to review your beneficiary list.

Birth or adoption of a child

If you have added a little one to your family, you might want to make sure that their future financial needs are well covered. One way to do this is to adjust your life insurance plan to accommodate your family’s changes.

You add debts

When you are long gone, you wouldn’t want to burden your loved ones with financial liabilities. Whether it’s funeral expenses, home loans, or credit cards, life insurance can help relieve the burden of your loved ones. That said, you need to adjust your life insurance plan to reflect your debt position.

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Basic Condo Insurance Facts To Remember While Researching Coverage

InMore Group Inc. offers insurance coverage to the Miami, FL community, as well as the surrounding areas. We are a full-service firm that assists our clients regardless of their individual needs. We take the time to help our clients assess their options and find the right policy.

Condo Insurance Facts To Remember While Researching Coverage

Miami, FL is known for its beautiful and luxurious condos. They are always in demand. That’s why you must take care of your property. Condo insurance helps secure your property and gives you something to lean on during an emergency. Primarily, condo insurance protects your personal items if they are stolen or vandalized. The interior of your unit is also covered if an accidental fire or another catastrophe causes damage.

Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting your unit. You are also covered if you cause damage to someone else’s property. Also, be aware that you may have to amend your policy if you have luxury valuables in your condo, such as paintings or antiques. This will ensure that your valuables are fully covered if something happens. Take inventory of your possessions before you move into the unit.

Check your condo association policy. This will break down if you are responsible for maintaining any shared spaces in the unit. Common shared spaces include common rooms, hallways, and amenities such as a swimming pool. Generally, it would be best if you only were responsible for maintaining the interior of your property. Consider adding flood insurance. Florida is prone to bouts of severe weather that causes a lot of damage. Flood insurance covers your personal items and the interior of the unit if it suffers flood damage.

InMore Group Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Who needs to get auto insurance in Miami?

For people in the Miami, FL area, enjoying as much of the scenery as possible is a great option. When you are going to this area of Florida, a great way to get around is by owning your own vehicle. When you get a car, you need to ensure you continue to have the right insurance. There continue to be a lot of scenarios when this coverage is necessary. 

Those that Take Out a Car Loan

A common situation when you will need to have insurance coverage in Miami is when you will take out a car loan. A car can be a very significant purchase that you will want to protect as well as you can. While a car loan can make it easier for you to get the car you want, it comes with certain responsibilities. All people who have taken out a car loan will be required to carry a full auto insurance plan until they are paid off.

Those that Drive-in Public

You will also need to get an auto insurance plan if you want to drive a car legally. Anyone that intends to drive a car on a public road in Florida will be required by law to carry at least liability insurance at all times. If you do not have this coverage, you could face a variety of penalties. 

There continue to be many reasons to get an auto insurance plan when you are in this area of Florida. Those that want insurance in Miami, FL should call InMore Group, Inc. When working with InMore Group Inc., you will find that we offer the guidance needed to choose the best policy possible. 

Who needs to get a commercial insurance policy?

Miami, FL is a vibrant community with a strong local population and a recurring level of tourists. Due to this, Miami is a great place to start a small business. While there is a lot of opportunity for success here, there are risks as well. To mitigate some of these risks, you should get commercial insurance. There are several situations when a business will need this coverage. 

When Protecting Financial Future

When you need to get commercial coverage, you are trying to protect your company’s financial future. A small business owner will have to invest a lot to get their business off the ground. With a commercial policy, you can protect this investment. The property and liability coverage will provide important protection for various situations that could result in a loss. 

When Raising Capital

A business is also going to need to get proper insurance when raising capital. Taking out a loan or raising private equity is a great way to get a business moving in the right direction. If you choose to do this, you will likely have some insurance obligations that can be met by getting a full commercial policy.

If you are a business owner in the Miami, FL area, it would be a good option to get commercial coverage for your organization. Many decisions need to be made when looking for a new commercial policy. When you call the team at InMore Group, Inc, you can get the support needed to choose a proper policy to meet your needs. InMore Group, Inc can do this by working hard to understand the unique risks of your organization and help you build a policy to mitigate these risks.

How will home insurance protect my property?

When you are in the Miami, FL area, owning your own home can be a great option. Anyone that owns a property in this area of Florida will want to protect it with insurance. When you do get a home insurance policy, it can protect your property. It can also protect your valuable home and assets in several ways. 

Insurance Protects Your Dwelling

One way that home insurance can protect you is by protecting your dwelling. Anyone who owns a property will be at risk of being damaged through vandalism, fire damage, or even a bad storm. Fortunately, when you get appropriate home insurance coverage, you can protect against this risk as it will provide you with the support needed to repair, rebuild, or even replace your home.

Coverage Protects Personal Assets

Beyond your actual dwelling, you will also want to ensure that all of your personal belongings are properly covered and protected. A great way to do this is by getting a proper home insurance policy. With this coverage, you will get protection to repair or replace your items if they are stolen or damaged. For those with valuables and collectibles, getting an additional rider to the home insurance policy is a good option as it will offer specific coverage that can go beyond the policy limit. 

Getting home insurance for your Miami, FL property is always a good idea. When you start looking for a new home or an insurance policy, you should call InMore Group, Inc. When you call InMore Group, Inc., you can learn far more about your unique risks and options. The team will then help you build a policy that will provide the right coverage for your Florida property.