Renters Insurance in Florida

Anytime you rent a home in Florida, you need protection for yourself and your things. That's where renters' insurance comes in. It works much differently from homeowners' insurance, and it costs far less to get. If you need renters' insurance or you want to change to a different renters' policy, call us at the InMore Group Inc. in Miami, FL to make an appointment.

Protection for Your Possessions

While homeowners' insurance covers the entire building, renters' insurance doesn't cover the actual dwelling. That is covered by the owner's insurance policy. Renters' insurance instead focuses on your belongings. This allows you to continue your lifestyle if something serious were to happen to your home and possessions. It may sound expensive to cover everything that you own, but renters' insurance is known for its low-priced coverage. Because it doesn't have to cover the building itself, it is a straightforward policy that costs little to have.

Other Renters' Coverages

This type of insurance generally also covers your liability. If something were to happen to someone else while in your home, the liability portion of the policy would pay out the needed amount for medical bills and legal fees, up to its maximum of coverage. A renters' insurance policy also has protection from the destruction of your rental unit. If it were to be made uninhabitable, this coverage would pay the extra that your lifestyle costs now that you don't have the home to live in. This includes paying for somewhere else to live and getting meals.

Get Your Policy

Renters' insurance is inexpensive and covers a lot of risks, so there's no reason not to have it. If you need a policy in Florida, call us at InMore Group Inc. in Miami, FL to make an appointment to talk to an insurance agent about your needs.